111 Solingate Drive

Spooky but not scary... fun for the kids!


Spooky Sights Await All Trick or Treaters

A Fun Ghoulish Playground

This year in support of Oakville Fairshare Food Bank!
“Offering a Helping Hand to the Less Fortunate in Our Community”
Thank you for your financial contribution or donation of a non-perishable food item.

Come Nightly from Oct. 1st to Friday, October 31st. 7pm to 10pm!

111 Solingate Drive, Oakville Ontario


Here is what some of our visitors have to say...

  • "....If you haven't yet made the trip to 111 Solingate Drive in October, you are certainly missing Oakville's finest display of ghosts, goblins, witches and a wealth of Halloween treats. My two children and I attend the home of Mr. Todd Wirtz each Halloween to take in the sights and sounds of his spectacular Halloween show that has made him a virtual celebrity on the street. His generous hand outs of full size chocolate bars to the kids is a huge hit but takes a back seat to the joy and laughter that his efforts bring the children each and every year. I think the reason this home has become such a Halloween success is that Mr. Wirtz himself clearly has made it his passion and mission each October to bring smiles and awe inspiring stares to the children of his neighborhood (and their parents). Everyone in Oakville and the surrounding areas would be well advised to make the drive to South Oakville and Solingate drive this October and share in the experience we have come to look forward to each and every year" - G.D. Hope the crowds are even larger this year pal. Geoff.
    Dr. G.R. Dugas Site Chief of Anesthesia Brampton Civic Hospital William Osler Health System
  • It was spooky but not scary... it was fun. The kids could not get enough!
  • I want to thank you for all the effort and time you put into the Halloween display at your house. Children and adults come from all over to see it and look forward to doing so every year. I've seen the rows of cars and cameras set up to take in your display. Thank you for giving so much to the community, it is truly appreciated. Is it October 1st yet? Can't wait to see it again this year!!!
    Linda C
  • Dr mr Wirtz (mr Halloween ) you may have noticed our van outside your home over the past years every night during the month of Halloween for three years now . As it happened our son has autism and we were driving down lakeshore one night and my son saw your display. He made me turn around and look at your WONDERFULL house with awe . Since then we have been there every night to his amazement and delight . There are not to many people like you that go to this much hard effort and cost every year to make an impact on kids as they grow up . Thanks so much the Robinson family.
  • I just wanted to drop you a note on behalf of our kids and say thanks for the wicked Halloween Display you put up every year. As soon as the leaves turn orange and yellow our kids start asking us when you are going to put out the blow-ups and floating heads! We love seeing people come from all over to check out, it brings the Halloween spirit right to our doorstep. Keep up the great work!
    Eddie Rei
Solingate House - A Fun Halloween Haunted House Attraction in Oakville.